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Unwrap the tragic truth in a Nigerian 1997 classic romance saga.


Finding our balance

Muse and musical maestro Mia Raz discusses her new album M-Ocean, where she uses sound to unleash a new meaning to living. 

Short Stories

be inspired

Enjoy our latest original short story feature that explores the challenges of Money, Boyhood and Community. 

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Reclaiming our voices

A special collaboration with Cultural magazine Journal of Creative Pursuit will unlock a web of perspectives on identity, fashion, writing and how For Her Musings was founded.

Arts & Lifestyle


Stay tuned and discover how artist and sexuality expert Bethany Burgoyne uses her illustrations as a positive vice to learn, share and grow with her community.



Dive into a variety of vibrant stories that will capture your imaginations, thoughts and analytical minds.

Arts & Lifestyle


Watch the trailer for our collaboration with Journal of Creative Pursuit.


Scarface Woke Me Up from My '80s Dream

… the film Scarface became the greatest crime-mob story to come out of an era that would cement the careers of actors, Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer, as well as the vision of Director Robert De Palma. Some may say Scarface was just a typical gangster film that vilified the immigrant story, when it was in fact the essence which made the movie much more palpable. Yet, the excess of the 80s wasn’t sustainable and Scarface proved that through its portrayal of the American Dream. 

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To “Muse” – to consider something thoughtfully…

Word wall

Bethany burgoyne

I tell people all the time that changing the stigma around artists being poor and struggling is such an important step in understanding the value creativity has in our lives. For me, making money is something I enjoy doing when I know how I can put it directly back into the society I want to support.”

mia raz

“We all have an ability to affect our behaviour by our thoughts because of what our minds can create, what is already possible to feel, and thus make it happen. ” 


“A power hungry class of army arrangements Stealing money in my country’s plight A soldier pretending to be a politician” 

Funmi Olagunju

“If I could face the battle of my hair then I could win the battle of life”

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