For Her Musings x Journal Of Creative Pursuit – Full Featurette

Model Funmi Olagunju Reclaims Her Voice Through Writing

Funmi is featured in Issue No.1 of Journal of Creative Pursuit – Identity

“All the connections I’ve had and all the conversations, have helped me see myself as more than just a model. I’m trying to be true to who I am.”

“Visibility and accountability are important in allowing people to show off their talents”

“As a writer I have all these stories that I’m slowly releasing like birds but I can’t lie that It’s really scary how they’re going to be received by people.”

“I think using your voice can be a very powerful experience but time is necessary in crafting how you want to use it”

Producers: Funmi Olagunju and Tia Ferhana

Dop and Editor: Ciáran Christopher

Music: Mia Raz

Head over to to purchase a print copy of the magazine, including the feature.

2 thoughts on “For Her Musings x Journal Of Creative Pursuit – Full Featurette

  1. Funmi, I enjoyed every ounce of information in your video.
    The art of writing is powerful and liberating.
    The sky is just the beginning for you.

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