Surviving 2020: Have You Achieved Your Goals Yet?

Happy New Year! Yes you read that right. We’re almost three months into 2020 and I feel compelled to almost scream it out loud. Why? It’s simple: so much craziness has happened so far that January, February and possibly March won’t count at all. But lets stay hopeful for March. There is still time and as we know time heals most wounds. The metaphorical injuries that have been inflicted on the world so far however may prove difficult to ignore and are now feeling very REAL! If you haven’t already, it might be time to get those good-vibes crystals out (I recommend Kyanite for cleansing and overall balancing of energies).

Stormy Times Ahead

In January alone, we were still recovering from the emotional torture of the UK general election results. Inevitably Brexit and Megxit did happen, both avoidable but somehow neither really in our control. Then we had Hurricane or as some may say, Storm Ciara, which honestly had some of us shooketh: flooding in some parts of the UK and houses being blown away. A scene from the Wizard of Oz maybe? Ok I exaggerate but, now we can sympathise with the horrible tornado of transportation that Dorothy took to the yellow brick road.

Ahh British Weather

Yet it doesn’t stop there, we are now dealing with the pandemic that is COVID-19 (Coronavirus) which means everyone has fearfully resorted to wearing masks and panic-buying. Last week on the train to work I saw a woman in a lovely Beige trench coat with blue jeans and gorgeous boots. As I took in her whole ensemble, I then saw her mask. Why spoil a perfectly good outfit? Clearly priorities are different now especially with our fashionable COVID-19 muse, Naomi Campbell, who demonstrates the importance of putting our luxury habits literally in the trash.

Right now I’m afraid to breathe In the already polluted london air with a tinge of Corona, but Our soothsayer Barack Obama gave us this nugget of wisdom:


Finally the deaths of 2020 have been unfathomable. Firstly, the untimely passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in January took the world by storm. I didn’t know the man personally but seeing his legacy flash right in front of my eyes reminded me of my own mortality and how truly short life is and should always be celebrated. Rest in peace Kobe and Gianna. Then tragedy hit even closer to home when the death of Caroline Flack, a well known TV host, was announced. This was a timely reminder of how mental health can be so insidious and dangerous. As we continue to hold accountable, the press and social media, we acknowledge their role in constantly hounding public figures leading to the crumbling and destruction of their personal lives. Amy wine house anybody? Rest in peace Caroline Flack. And just to remind us how toxic the British press have become, below is a photo of Meghan Markle smiling and walking her dog in Canada, post Megxit. 

Aww Just look at how happy and free she is now that she doesn’t have to deal with the discrimination she faced at the hands of the British press.

All this to say… have you had the chance to achieve your goals yet?

If yes then congrats, you’ve somehow managed to scathe through the laborious almost-three hellish months of 2020. Not to be taken lightly, as some may agree that last year was a rollercoaster that you couldn’t wait to get off of. It started off nice and sweet but by the end the saccharine-sadness was just too much for a soul. So when 2020 rolled around I thought – “great  this is going to be a calm one”. WOW was I wrong. However if there is anything we can learn from our struggles with 2019, it’s that we’ve been there, done that and worn the t-shirt. We will be fine. Corona, go kick rocks!!

So it’s not all doom and gloom. Below are some Inspirational links to remind us that humanity will be just fine.

A good summary of why 2019 wasn’t all bad:

What are your goals for 2020 I’d love to hear them in the comments down below, or if you don’t want to share them what do you make of the year so far? Or what plans will you take to power through what else 2020 will dish out? Eek!

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6 thoughts on “Surviving 2020: Have You Achieved Your Goals Yet?

  1. Awesome plans for the year 2020,inspite of the pandemic and social distractions. Pinning down plans with Pen on paper is a quick reminder of my goals achieved and yet to be achieved.

    This great article is a reflection and forecast of my vision.

    Keep the flame burning @funmiO


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